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craniosacral therapy Utrecht

Your body knows what it takes to get into balance

Stimulate your health with craniosacral therapie

What exactly is health? When do you feel healthy? Are you healthier with an empty schedule? Do you get sick if your boundaries are crossed? Is pain a signal from your body that you need to pay attention? How do changes in your life affect your health? How do your body and mind work together to keep you healthy?

Craniosacral therapy brings you into contact with yourself

During the session, your own health gets the attention it deserves. A treatment focuses on your complaints and questions. In craniosacral therapy we assume that a recurring complaint does not stand alone. The complaint is an expression of a deeper underlying cause. Physical complaints often appear to be related to essential questions. Craniosacral therapy helps you to reflect on the questions that matter. For example, whether you experience your life as meaningful. Whether your relationship or work is the way you want it to be. Craniosacral therapy gives you the space and tranquility to find an answer.

After a session I feel more open and powerful

Every treatment is a new journey

During a craniosacral treatment you lie on the treatment table with your clothes on. I connect with your body by lightly touching your feet and head. In this contact I follow the craniosacral rhythms of your body and thus make room for your vitality. I open up and listen to what your body is asking for right now. A deep peace and relaxation soon develops. That tranquility is comparable to the silence when it snows. In that silence I connect your body to it’s healthy part. While you are in that state of relaxation, I can also ask you questions. The answers that arise are often surprising and enlightening. They give you a new look at your life and your body.

Unfortunately, my back will never be completely straight again. But I'm still walking and I'm practically painless.

Johan Matton,


craniosacral therapist in Utrecht.

I am grateful to my hands for what they can feel. During two craniosacral training courses I learnt to use them to make contact with the body on a deeper level.

  • At the Upledger Institute, the focus was on the physical body. I learnt how to touch and what questions to ask to support a growth process.
  • The training at the CTET added the energetic view of the body. There I learnt how the body ‘stores’ and processes experiences.


Together, these courses brought me a complete perspective on supporting health: everyone is born with a body that can bring healing where it is needed. I support your body to regain its balance, restore and heal itself. In this way I help you reduce stress and rebuild your life energy.

After each treatment, I continue with the day with a clear, empty head.

What does a treatment cost?

The cost of a treatment is 70 euros. Treatments are reimbursed by a number of health insurance companies under supplementary insurance. Look here for the overview.

The road to health has many routes.
By listening to your body, you will certainly find a path that suits you. I’d like to take this journey with you.

Johan Matton | van Diemenstraat 39 | 3531 GG Utrecht | 06 25470504 |
(paid) parking available in the street. The nearby bus and tram stop: Graadt van Roggeweg

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